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I'm a studied Game Developer (B.Sc.) from the SRH University Heidelberg (Major: Virtual Realities, Minor: Game Development) with a passion for creation, technology, and programming. I currently work as a freelance software engineer on a smart androidapp for Kinsys GmbH under my former AI professor since October 2020. My expertise is formed primarily on the basis of autodidacticism beginning in my earliest teen years and continues to this date.

During my studies I found employment as working student in backend development in ABAP at zetVisions AG (Heidelberg). Suffice to say, I did not imprint to the language and technology.

I seek to broaden my spectrum over the years, particularly toward data science & machine learning. Though my primary specialty is currently still full stack development - with a personal preference towards backends - and game development in Unity or Unreal Engine 4.

I also seek to develop innovative technologies of my own. In my spare time, I am currently working on a personal assistant with Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing, albeit in a still very young stage!