$23/ Hour

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FullStack Developer with over 10 years of experience in search of new technologies.

Programming languages and technology

 PHP - Applications using Yii2 framework
 Node - Migration from old systems
 React - Migration from old systems
 Python - Scripts on Linux and Django App servers
 Ruby - Linux and windows server script
 Bash - Daily use
 Node / Express - Currently studying at Rocketseat Bootcamp
 Java - Applications for android
 Swift - Apps for IOS and macOS
 C ++ - Daemon for preview generation for linux servers
 Among other languages and technologies like TCL, Applescript, etc.
 Mysql / Oracle / Postgress
 MQL - Expert Advisor for Metatrader

Operational systems

Linux - over 10 years of experience including pacemaker cluster configuration
macOS - over 10 years of experience including application development
Windows - over 25 years of experience