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When thought and speech come to a point of harmony, their art is expressed in texts. I can put your imaginative thought into written expression while creatively crafting the context of the topic with an actual focus on the matter. I am a blockchain enthusiast and writer with 3 years of experience. My role as one of the SEO content creators with an emerging tokenized blockchain social network (trybe.one) equipped me further with good experience and versatility to nurture my skills. Microsoft Word and Excel Sheet are good tools that aid my work and I can handle related work in this area. Contact me to get in touch. I deliver with speed.

Johan Deecke

Sun May 10 2020
Johan Deecke

Paul was great! I hired him for some web research and data collection. He was thorough, efficient and used his initiative. Thanks

Mon Oct 21 2019
Johan Deecke

Thu Oct 17 2019
Johan Deecke

Thank Paul, very happy with your diligence with the research task

Mon Aug 10 2020
Johan Deecke

Mon Jun 29 2020