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Fast, engaging freelance writer with 5+ years of experience. Skilled in crypto and NFT content writing and excellent web research making. Seeking to grow visitors and customers through high-quality content in my new role.

Content Strategy


2020 - 2020
Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, Technical Writing
Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, Technical Writing

I have worked on the blockchain, Bitcoin, and crypto-related projects since early 2017. I have written SEO-friendly articles, blog posts, reviews for various exchange platforms and other cryptos/blockchain firms. Presently, I'm involved in helping a couple of crypto exchanges (exchangeratings and diax.co cambodia) to write, edit, upload, and improve text for English proficiency and SEO purposes.

Omotayo Taiwo

Mon Sep 20 2021
Johan Deecke

Thanks Noah. Great communication, documentation and I appreciated your initiative on the extra detail.

Wed Mar 11 2020
Johan Deecke

Fri Aug 07 2020
Johan Deecke

Thanks for your help, Noah. I appreciated the extra information

Wed Apr 29 2020
Johan Deecke

Fri May 01 2020
Johan Lives

Mon Apr 12 2021
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Fri Jul 31 2020
Johan Deecke

Thu Mar 26 2020
Johan Lives

Fri Apr 23 2021
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Tue Mar 17 2020