$10/ Hour

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I'm an electronic engineer with more than 8 years of experience in:

  • Native frontend projects using HTML/5, CSS/3 and Javascript/Jquery and frameworks like React, Angular and Vue, as well as Gatsby, Next, Nuxt, etc, for SEO, SSR and SSG content portals
  • Hybrid projects using React Native or Flutter and mobile native with Java/Kotlin and Swift/ObjectiveC
  • Native backend projects with Java EE, Java 5 up to Java 11, frameworks like Spring/Boot and dependencies managers like Gradle, Maven and SBT
  • Native backend projects with NodeJS (all versions) and frameworks like ExpressJS, NestJS, etc
  • Containerized projects with Docker and tools like NGINX and Kubernetes
  • AWS Cloud, frontend and backend, serverless and not serverless (maybe serverful haha) projects
  • I can help you with Solidity projects for smart contracts and projects using Python, PHP, Go, RUST, Scala, or frameworks like Laravel, Django and others But the most important thing is that I like to learn about everything