$25/ Hour

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Hello My Name is Logan Sheets and I’ve been involved in the cryptocurrency sphere for over 3 years now. My specialty is helping Businesses and Individuals get Invested and Involved into the Cryptocurrency field to either make a profit or utilize the service a Crypto can offer.

Whether your looking to see how Cryptos could help you out with a Solution or just wanting to get Invested Into the different markets I’m here to help.

Cryptocurrencies are changing the world from how businesses and governments conduct business on a daily Basis. All the way to how individuals can make their lives easier just by utilizing what some Cryptocurrency technology can offer.

If your looking for a safe long term investment then I’ve got a specific portfolio of different options for you. Or maybe your a risk taker and want to find the cryptos that can go from .01¢ all the way to $3, luckily I’ve done that to and have just the thing. If you want a balance of safety and risk then so be it I can make it so.

Get in touch today and let me know how you want to invest or get involved into the cryptocurrency field today.