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In charting my rise to my previous role as a Blockchain Developer for Ten.FI, my experience is substantive and multifaceted. In this role, I Implemented Metamask/Web3 functionality into their primary web application. I was also tasked with developing, testing, and optimizing the code for smart contracts using Solidity 0.8.3 and Hardhat. Thus, with a career history steeped in the marriage of technology and project leadership, I am immersed in the trends changing the industry—a hallmark feature of the Blockchain Developer.

Prior to joining Ten.Fi, I established a record of success with an art based BlockChain Startup, Intelligensia. As an adept Blockchain Engineer, I was tasked with responsibilities including Conducting research, developing smart-contracts using solidity, and testing/deploying contracts using the Truffle framework. The results of my work have earned repeated commendation from senior management.

Thanks to these and other experiences, I possess an essential skill set well suited to address the duties and responsibilities of a Blockchain Developer. In me, Your Project will gain the value of an experienced perspective, clear development vision, keen technical insights, and tireless dedication to short- and long-range success. I am certain that the foundation exists for a fruitful partnership.

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