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I'm an animation expert​, I specialize in whiteboard explainer videos, 2D animations,3D animation, and modeling, 3D character animation, Music videos, and lots more, with over 8 years of experience in creating professional animated videos. I'll convey your messages to your targeted audience with the ​whiteboard, 2d animation, and 3D animation. Engage your audience and bring your ideas to living with animated explainer videos.

Customized Motion Graphics Video.
Customized Motion Graphics Video.

This is an application Kickstarter video I created for a client from the Netherlands. I drafted out the storyboard, I created and animated the mock screens (showing characters being typed in), I also did some video editing, I incorporated some stock videos into the Kickstarter video. I basically did and created everything from the scratch except scriptwriting, and the result was a very happy client, happy with the final delivery and we've worked on several projects ever since then.

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