$40/ Hour

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A Blockchain enthusiast, Crypto Trader, writer, self-motivated creative content, Self-taught copywriter, social media manager, google certified digital marketer, and graphics designer. I love learning, educating, and sharing ideas with people about blockchain and cryptocurrency. I've worked with companies like Valucop Global (Managing director, virtual assistant, Content creator and Social media manager), Cinchblock (Community manager), Okex Exchange (Marketing partner), Etrinet Enterprises (Creative manager), and Kulvix (Digital marketer) in writing, editing, and proofreading contents, articles, and copies. Above all, I pay attention to details, proactive, learn super-fast learning and communication skills. In handling my music career, leadership responsibilities in organizations, and other works, I’ve learned to multitask and deliver effectively. I have years of work experience in writing and problem-solving, particularly in a very tight difficult situation. I have sharpened my skills, learning new skills through experience, and open to learning more to serve my clients better.