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G'Day there. I am a creative writer, content creator and Internet researcher. I am passionate about the potential of Blockchain Technology and the future of Tech that will transform our world. I will craft an article based on your criteria, original and non-plagiarised, grammatically correct and without spelling errors. All articles include Internet Research and come with references and citations. I bring passion and dedication to all the projects that I work on. If you require research to provide fact-based, credible and believable content for your writing needs, I can help you to write better and faster thereby helping you to make more money.

PC Hardware Maintenance & Support Level Three

Brisbane Institute of Technical and Further Education

1997 - 1997
Certificate General Nursing

The North Brisbane Hospitals Board

1981 - 1984
Original Article on Smart Stadiums.
Original Article on Smart Stadiums.

Responsible for the research needed to create this article. I had to collate the research and craft an engaging and original article.

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Johan Lives

Thu Oct 29 2020
Christopher McLoughlin

Harris was efficient and well researched. Highly recommended for content work.

Sun Jan 13 2019
Johan Deecke

Very satisfied with the minor research task that Harris completed. Excellent research & communication.

Tue Nov 27 2018
Christopher McLoughlin

Harris writes content of a high standard. He is also very efficient and will get the job done ahead of schedule!

Wed Jan 30 2019
Johan Deecke

Harris worked on a web research & data entry task. Very efficient, thorough & accurate job.

Thu Jan 10 2019