$25/ Hour

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My story: I'm an entrepreneur-minded developer, who came a long way from JS developer to managing teams and building projects for international markets.

Across the way, I've gained experience from programming, marketing, managing people, crafting the business models.. and therefore I have insights from different points of view on building online products/services.

Over 4+ years of experience in building online web applications, like miner.al designing products,( minerOS) setting up the business processes, on Salesforce PM on meany early stages project leading the sales teams and working on Teach Away as a Salesforce Administrator

My life is based on three major principles: Think outside the box - Think differently and you will find innovative, unconventional solutions. Deliver extraordinary results - If you stop thinking conventionally, you'll deliver extraordinary results. Travel, learn, discover - Collect experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

PS: Business is made of people - so stay humble, friendly, open, honest and you'll do just fine. ---> http://doriankane.esy.es/ <---