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A entrepreneur who defends "influencers". a leading expert on Influencer marketing in Japan.

Founder of Extravaganza International, Founders of Chip. -Software, Marketing, Crypto https://www.instagram.com/hisatsumi/

AngelList:      https://angel.co/u/atsushi-hisatsumi2 Instagram:     https://www.instagram.com/hisatsumi Linkedin:       https://www.linkedin.com/in/Atsushi-Hisatsumi Official site :  https://atsushi-hisatumi.amebaownd.com/ Official blog: https://ameblo.jp/hisatumi/

◇ One of the founders member.

▪︎ Cryptonite Ventures       (San Francisco) https://cryptoniteventures.com/

▪︎ Japan Brockchain Conference / JBC

JBC 2019 https://japan-blockchain-c.com/

JBC 2018 https://japan-blockchain-c.com/tokyo2018/#guest-speaker

(Responsible for casting all overseas speakers.)

◇ Member organizations

▪︎ Passion Leaders https://www.passion-leaders.com/


Founders of Chip. -Learn more about the Chip ecosystem Chip is utility token for "SocialTipping" or payment. Chip ecosystem Chip Eco System is a new possibility in the Web 3.0 era that gives oppurtunities to people all over the world using DECENTRALIZED SYSTEM by blockchain. Chip Eco System Funding × Farming NFT lunch pad for influencers ⚫︎" CrowdFarming " on Chipswap https://chipswap.org https://crowdfarming.chip-es.org/ ⚫︎Eco System https://chip-es.org/

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