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I have a good knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, actively learn about this ecosystem for 2 years, have experience in White Paper creation, also, wrote and prepared a lot of articles for Steemit and Golos.

Some of my recent article examples: https://supsystic.com/blog/data-table-plugins-review-2018/ https://supsystic.com/blog/how-to-lazy-load-images-in-wordpress/ https://supsystic.com/blog/4-best-wordpress-gallery-plugins-compared-2018/ https://supsystic.com/blog/8-easy-ways-to-increase-your-gallery-page-speed-with-photo-gallery-plugin-by-supsystic/ https://medium.com/@xendiz/xendiz-real-time-bidding-technology-for-the-ad-purchasing-c1ec5f4e8fb2

Before this, I work as a PR-specialist in the entertainment sphere.

I am really interested in ML and watched some of the courses on Coursera about this field. In 2019, I plan to study Python and ML more deeply. Also, I have some knowledge of JS, SQL.

Christopher McLoughlin

Good writer and very receptive to feedback

Fri Jan 25 2019