$45/ Hour

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I am a professional Python developer with 7+ years of experience, a dedicated open source contributor.

My hard skills:

  • Web scraping: lxml, scrapy, requests, selenium, httpx etc.
  • Data scraping: different pdf stuff like parsers and OCR, openpyxl, ...
  • Data analise: pandas, numpy, numba ...
  • Backend: FastApi, Django
  • Databases: MySql, PostgreSql, Mongo
  • Environment: Git, Docker, CI, tox, MkDocs, sphinx, poetry
  • Frontend: basic knowledge in Vue.js


  • Worked in a startup team (5+) developing a prototype of user's web app.
  • Developed analyze system of data: the app read xml file to get what and with what data make. I used numpy + numba to analyze the data to increase speed of the app more than 10x times. Had to rewrite a lot of algorithms from scratch to adobe numpy to numba.
  • Developing and maintaining (3+ years) scraper system for aggregation website.
  • Several CLI tools to analyze stock options.
  • Hundreds, even if not thousands, scrapers for all kinds of websites.

My soft skills:

  • Confident speaker in English and Russian
  • Can work in both European and US timezones

Have a look at my open source projects on my github: https://github.com/dmitriiweb