Importing a Binance Chain Wallet to Trust Wallet is a digital services marketplace on Binance Chain .
This guide will help you import your new Binance Chain wallet into the Trust Wallet app. Trust is a secure and user friendly mobile wallet for iOS and Android devices. It means our users can access their wallet, make payments and more while on the go.
Note: This guide assumes you have already set up a wallet on the Binance Dex.
If you haven't done this then you can read our previous guide on how to do so here

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is CanYa's preferred wallet partner, and, conveniently also a partner of Binance. This makes it very convenient for platforms in the Binance ecosystem (like CanWork).
If you don't have the Trust Wallet app already, go to the iOS or Android stores to download Trust onto your phone. Trust Wallet will support the new $CAN token (BEP2)

We will now import our previously created Binance Chain wallet into our Trust Wallet.

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