Book your first CanWork freelancer is a digital services marketplace on Binance Chain .
This quick tutorial explains how to book a CanWork Freelancer and how to use a Binance Chain wallet for cryptocurrency payments.

Create a new profile

Note: If you already have a profile, skip ahead to Step 6

Step 1. Click Join / Sign In

Step 2. Sign in with Google, Facebook or Twitter

Step 3. Select Client

If you seek to hire freelancers, please click "I want to find talent"
If you are a digital freelancer, please click "I want to find work"

Step 4. Complete your Profile

Note: You will need a Binance Chain Wallet to pay your Freelancer

Step 5. Create a Binance Chain wallet

You have multiple options nowadays to create a Binance Chain wallet.

Time to book your Freelancer!

Step 6. Click 'Post a Job' and complete job details

Step 7. Choose job visibility

*Invite-Only — only Freelancers you invite to the job can bid
Public— the job post will appear in the public jobs board for any freelancer to bid on

Step 8. Accept Terms & Conditions and click 'Post'

Note: The “Post Job” button will not activate until all fields have been completed and the T&C’s have been accepted

Step 9. Invite a freelancer (optional if public)

Congrats! You've started your first job on CanWork

If you want more information or want to see how you can get involved, join the community Telegram channel.


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