CanWork Monthly Update

Developments, Community & Freelancer focus

What’s happened since the last update?

Fixed email notifications
The automated email notification system for unread chat messages was disrupted recently while we switched to a new nodeJS/Firebase scheduled function to send emails via Sendgrid. This replaced a deprecated service written in Go and is more consistent with the CanWork backend architecture.

Improved site navigation & redirects
Users are now redirected seamlessly to their intended site destinations following login authorisation.

CanWork Landing & SEO
You’ll remember, we re-structured CanWork to put the webapp on and created a server-rendered landing page to optimise page load speeds and SEO.

We continued to improve the connectivity & consistency between the two domains and implemented new features:
  • Jobs page is live on the landing with search & filter features almost complete
  • Blog feed is consistent and no longer points to Medium from the webapp
  • Jobs & Profiles are now social-media shareable
  • New Guide blog category

$CAN activity on BEPSwap
Liquidity and volume for $CAN increased on
BEPSwap— a decentralised liquidity-pool network which allows staking and swapping of BNB & BEP2 assets. It is a potential liquidity solution that we are excited to support.

Note. BEPSWap is currently in a live-token "testnet", called chaosnet and carries some level of risk. Please see the THORChain community for more information before you stake, and swap in small amounts if you want to try it out (watch the slippage!).

More information on BEPswap forthcoming!

Guides & Explainers
There is now a separate Guides blog category dedicated to CanWork on-boarding & resources. We published the first Get Started on CanWork guide here. Expect to see more resources published.

AMA with TheBlockpreneurs Telegram Channel
We joined TheBlockpreneurs Telegram channel for an AMA where received dozens of insightful questions from outside our community about CanYa, CanWork, tokenomics, freelancing and Binance Chain.

It revealed that some confusion exists about the CanYa-CanWork-CAN-token relationship and where we can be clearer on how CanWork works for freelancers & clients, eg:
  1. How the escrow mitigates counter-party risk
  2. Dispute resolution & trust
  3. Cryptocurrency wallets & exchanges
  4. Token supply
  5. Liquidity and services such as BEPSwap
Many of these questions will form the basis for ongoing guides & content. Plenty of opportunities exist if you want to get involved with creating guides or content

Freelancer Quality
We continued to engage with our freelancer cohort (made easier by fixes to the notification system) in order to raise profile quality, get to know our freelancers and, in some cases, invite them to help us with development, content or assets.

If your account has been delisted by mistake or you are a new CanWork service provider interested in paid opportunities, please reach out to our community manager @johanlives.

Analysing Binance Smart Chain Integration
CanWork is built on Binance Chain, accepts BNB & BEP2 tokens as payment and the CAN token primarily exists as a BEP2 (Binance Chain) asset. However, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) went live in September as a parallel chain offering smart-contract technology.

The CanWork Escrow System on Binance Chain
As part of maintenance and security, we been assessing risks & needs in the CanWork Escrow System which includes a custom-built, stateless Hedged Escrow on Binance Chain and an Escrow Asset Management tool for monitoring assets and market selling for $CAN on the Binance DEX.

This heart of the CanWork payment system provides protection against counterparty risk and crypto market volatility. The only downside is that the CanYa team controls the escrow wallet.

A question of value in a Binance Smart Chain escrow
The value questions are how much time and resources do we put into the current Binance Chain escrow system or upgrade to a decentralised smart-contract system considering:
  • A current low volume of public jobs,
  • Re-usability of previous smart contract-based code that CanWork used while originally on the Ethereum network.
We welcome community input on the matter as we continue to analyse and weigh decisions on the value of BSC developments.

Immediately, we believe the most value lies in continuing to support & promote our growing cohort of crypto-freelancers, finding new clients & business opportunities and developing features to encourage usability & a great user experience.

What are we working on now?

We are working on:
  • Completing the landing search & filter changes
  • BSC development analysis
  • Rich unfurls for social media shares. This allows freelancers to share more visually-appealing profile links on social media in addition to more descriptive job post shares
  • Job counts on the job page
  • Gitlab issues backlog
Guides, Content & Community
We continue to work on guides, written content and video content, including freelancer promotions and explainers about BEPSwap. Keep an eye out.

Freelancers, jobs & promotions
We aim to:
  • Continue working with our existing freelancers to make CanWork work for them
  • Promote our CanWorkers (aka crypto-freelancers)
  • Offer more paid opportunities

Are you CanWork service provider?
Do want to be paid to create assets for CanWork, help with guides, content, socials or just show off your skills? Please get in touch with CanWork Community Manager, @johanlives, at our community Telegram Channel

If you want more information or want to see how you can get involved, join the community Telegram channel.


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