CanWork July 2022 Update

Welcome to the July update.

BNB Chain Escrow for Freelancers

Last month, we activated the BNB Chain Escrow system on CanWork for secure freelancer payments. A level-up from the previous payment system, you can now access:

  • The innovation of smart-contracts
  • Secure escrow for digital service payments
  • Deposits using BNB and selected major tokens in the powerful BNB Chain ecosystem
  • Automatic stablecoin hedging via deep Pancakeswap liquidity
  • Super cheap escrow fees
  • The comfort & utility of stablecoin payouts in the $USD-backed BUSD token issued by Binance
This is a significant milestone for CanWork and you– our crypto freelancers & clients.

What’s been happening?

Since the release, we tested the system in the wild with some of our community testers and we also saw the first real end-to-end payments made!

As can be expected we’ve encountered the clunky, the unclear and the technical glitches. But that is exactly how we battle-test and future-proof the system toward our mission to regain the mantle of being the most used freelancing platform in Web3.
Want to be a Community Tester?

We appreciate our loyal freelancers who believe in the vision of the project and who have helped with initial testing. We would love to expand our list of testers to a broader selection of the community. If you would like to help test out the platform by running some jobs through CanWork and the new BNB Chain escrow please get in contact with the team via telegram:

What next?

The arduous task of implementing a redefining escrow payment system for web3 freelancers is done! Now it’s time to make it a breeze to use, battle harden it and keep it maintainable.

We’ve triaged a number of high priority items for the hitlist:

  • Fail-proof transaction monitor.
    Top of the list from community testing. A fail-proof transaction monitor will ensure that in cases where users navigate away from payment screens while a transaction is in process, it will always & automatically update the CanWork job management page.

    We will build a dedicated service to check the transaction status even if a user closes the browser

  • Complete removal of obsolete Binance Chain components.
    It’s time to clean up. CanWork still presents options to use and references to the old payment system. This is obsolete and potentially confusing.

  • UI/UX improvements.
    Much of the CanWork user interface & user experience hasn’t changed since the early prototype and it is underwhelming, if not cumbersome at times. We want it simplified & seamless. And now we can do it.

    We’re putting together our list and if you want to add something or help implement it, get in touch!

  • Long-term maintenance & security.
    We want CanWork to endure. That means keeping on top of maintenance & security and making it easier for community developers to contribute. For this reason, we are planning a major upgrade to the development environment & production builds.

    We are planning this now and will likely implement it in parallel to other make-over items after the transaction monitor is finalised.

Momentum and user growth

We saw the first of the real jobs go through the new BNB Chain escrow system recently. Let’s celebrate small wins.

We have shown before we can drive digital service payments through CanWork. We also know that there is a strong desire amongst digital freelancers for an alternative to the heavy fees they face on existing freelancing platforms.

We are looking forward to building a larger community around the platform, stay tuned for updates on this in the coming months.

If you want more information or want to see how you can get involved, join the community Telegram channel.

CanWork: https://www.canwork.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CanWork_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CanWorkPlatform




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