CanWork January Update

Developments, BEPSwap & Freelancer Focus

What’s happened since the last update?

2021 is all about growing the user-base for CanWork. Development shifted from the foundational work done in 2020 to UI/UX improvements and social media shareability of profiles and jobs, to aid in the focus of user-base growth. Since our last update the team have completed the following:

  • Implemented rich unfurls for the Freelancer profiles. Previously, social links to profiles were ugly and non-descriptive. This allows freelancers and their referrers to share profile links on social media.

  • Implemented rich unfurls for Public Job Posts. Previously, social links to jobs had a generic CanWork image with no dynamic details.:

    New job sharing links allows users to share tailored job details across the web and socials:

Upcoming Development

Back-end / behind the scenes work includes:
  • Development pipeline maintenance Some recent changes to the engineering structure left a some quirks in the staging/production pipeline.
  • Tech debt & housekeeping.
  • Codebase clean-up and organisation.
  • Resuming work on the Tooltip system
  • Framework / Dependency upgrades
  • Continued BSC / smart contract tech analysis

Further work on UI/UX and shareability:
  • Reworking Header & Footer to give clearer access to guides and information
  • A number of improvements in freelancer job management UX
  • Job, user and growth statistics for CanWork

$CAN on BEPSwap

As we discussed in the last update $CAN is available to be swapped and staked on ThorChain’s BEPSwap platform . The $CAN ThorChain pool is currently offering suitable liquidity for swapping and a is a truly viable alternative to the Binance DEX.

Since launching on BEPSwap $CAN token holders have earned $9000 USD in staking yield with a total liquidity of nearly $75,000.

On the BEPSwap platform our community and token holders will also notice that there are far more $CAN trading pairs than what’s available on the Binance DEX including:
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USD stablecoins
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Loki (aka: Oxen)
  • Rune
  • And many others.

These pairs and BEPSwap’s liquidity will be key to future on/off ramps for our CanWork users.

If any $CAN community members would like to increase this pool liquidity and earn yield while they do it we encourage you to head on over to BEPSwap and check it out.

The team also created this guide which shows the basic steps required to swap & stake on BEPSwap:


Token Supply Update

In late 2020, the Spartan Protocol offered a 'Proof of Burn' to a number of BEP2 projects and their token holders. $CAN was one of the tokens available to burn. Of the 95,826,983 BEP2 $CAN available 63,760,990 has been burnt permanently by those ‘burning’ for the Spartan Protocol. This leaves a new circulating supply of 32,065,993. The team has updated both CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap to reflect this.

Read more about the token supply in our previous token update.

CanWork growth
2020 was a year of development on the CanWork platform and the transition across to Binance Chain.

The major focus for the team in 2021 will be growing the user-base. The aforementioned development updates above and from previous updates have all been towards the goal of creating an SEO friendly, easily shared viral platform. Although the work is not complete it is now at a stage where the team can start getting real traction with the CanWork platform as it was intended.

Throughout 2019 and 2020 before growth was paused CanWork was growing a strong base of regular freelancers. The platform facilitated a number of great stories that reinforced the fundamental aspects of why the platform was created in the first place.
This included:

  • An African freelancer who was able to earn crypto and spend it on his first-ever laptop,
  • A South American freelancer who was able to continue earning a living while his country was in turmoil and the national currency became de-based,
  • The CanYa team using a number of freelancers from across the globe to help build the platform, design UI/UX and create eye-catching marketing materials.

The CanYa Team want to showcase our brilliant freelancers and will look to publish their stories; stay tuned for more!

You will soon see the team employing a number of techniques to grow the platform. Viral marketing will be one aspect made possible through the recent profile developments of referral links, SEO friendly URL unfurling and eye-catching shareable links. We will also be running a lucrative competition for our entire community to help grow the freelancer base of the platform.

Traditional digital marketing methods will also grow. This has been helped significantly following the team onboarding an SEO consultant and the subsequent development of the platform to optimise for SEO. Additionally, an advertising push will be pursued across a number of channels.

The team also plans to focus on the Binance community of projects to meet their freelancing needs. This onboarding has been made significantly easier since the release of the BEP2 escrow and $CAN integration into BEPSwap. It is important to remember that there are many active and promising projects build on Binance Chain; these are all projects that will benefit from CanWork.

Additionally the team have built a solid relationship with Binance themselves and aim to leverage that connection to further grow awareness for the platform.

Other plans for 2021

Binance Smart Chain
The team will continue looking into Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the cost/benefit analysis of moving the platform across.

BSC offers benefits in terms of its similarity to Ethereum which will help port across a number of existing features already built on Ethereum. It also retains the benefits of Binance Chain in terms of speed and cheap fees (which has become very important given the recent transaction times & fees on Ethereum).

CanWork Freemium model

The team will also explore a ‘freemium model’ later in the year. This will give popular freelancers the ability to pay a small monthly fee for added exposure and more visible profiles during searches etc. The fee will be paid in $CAN.

More on/off ramps

With the aforementioned developments of $CAN and its integration into BEPSwap (and eventually the completely open mainnet of ASGARDEX) the team are looking at how this integration will benefit CanWork. One way will be the ability for our users to pay and receive basically any cryptocurrency (including BTC, ETH, stablecoins and more). This will massively reduce friction for new users to the platform. More on this later this year.

Final Word

With the rise of people across the globe working from home, great sentiments in the crypto industry and a platform that is ready to grow we are looking forward to 2021. Expect to see more activity on socials with us sharing our great freelancers and growing the user base across the globe.

Are you CanWork service provider?
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