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Spotlight on Astrid

Each month we want to share the story of a freelancer from CanWork. This week we turn the spotlight on one of our more recent freelancers named Astrid.

Astrid is a passionate and talented cartoonist who discovered CanWork through a freelancing friend:

"I found out about CanWork thanks to a friend, we both work as freelancers designers for a while now, but we are always looking to expand our artwork to different platforms.

CanWork is simply amazing, be able to do what I love and get paid with $CAN cryptocurrency is amazing.

It is not a secret that cryptocurrencies are the future, and definitely, CanWork is the future of freelancing."

Astrid is an incredibly talented cartoonist and enjoys using her creative skills to earn a living. Check out some of her work below or on her Behance:

If you’d like what you see and have some work for Astrid you can view her profile here:

She’s just one of the many freelancers all over the world earning crypto on the CanWork platform. Support one today at

If you want more information or want to see how you can get involved, join the community Telegram channel.


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