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Spotlight on Omotayo Taiwo

Each month we want to share the story of a freelancer from CanWork. This week we turn the spotlight on one of our most popular Graphic Designers, Omotayo.

Omotayo is based in Africa and heard about the platform from a freelancing friend:

As a freelance graphic designer who pays a lot in commissions and processing fees to freelance websites for getting work on them, I was immediately interested in CanWork, where I only get charged 1% of my earnings

So far, Omotayo has completed 18 jobs on CanWork. All of his work has received 5-star reviews:

My experience freelancing on has been smooth, setting up and connecting my TrustWallet was easy. Converting my crypto earnings into my local currency was seamless as well, but my favourite part about CanWork is getting paid in cryptocurrency. I can choose to hold my $CAN, I can sell $CAN for another crypto, I can stake my $CAN or I can just spend the money.

We loved Omotayo's work straight away and hired him to do some work for CanWork ourselves. You will notice his work around the site.

If you’d like some graphic design work we highly recommend getting in touch with Omotayo, you can check out his profile here:

He’s just one of the many freelancers all over the world earning crypto on the CanWork platform. Support one today at

If you want more information or want to see how you can get involved, join the community Telegram channel.


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