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Spotlight on Esagun

Each month we want to share the story of a freelancer from CanWork. This week we turn the spotlight on one of our most popular Video Editors, Ersagun.

Ersagun is based in Turkey and found the platform from a google search:

In early 2019 I realised I needed to know more about this cryptocurrency revolution so started doing some research. I found out about CanWork after a google search and quickly realised I could completely change the way I do business and earn more for the work I do.

Ersagun is a video and graphics specialist with over eleven years of experience. His portfolio ranges from work for Turkish TV, Samsung, TV commercials and of course freelancing across online platforms, most recently, CanWork.

The age we live in requires us to be flexible. This is why I find CanWork, which enables working together no matter where in the world, very successful. It saves you from international headaches such as not being able to receive payments or transfer money. It only has a 1% payment fee meaning you keep almost all of your payments. I am very happy to be able to do business on this exciting new platform

Links to some of his previous work can be found here:

So far, Ersagun has completed 11 jobs on CanWork. All of his work has received 5 star reviews.

If you’d like some video design or editing work we highly recommend getting in touch with Ersagun, you can check out his profile here:

He’s just one of the many freelancers all over the world earning crypto on the CanWork platform. Support one today at

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