Mid-October Update

Earlier this month, we published the first monthly update on the new CanWork blog. Here we provide an interim Occtober update as promised and highlight some community needs.

CanWork Development & Improvements
Much of the development has focussed on patching the to restruture, improving SEO and usability for our current freelancers.

SEO/user-friendly profiles & job posts
The CanWork 'web-app' now lives on the subdomain, and a simple, server-rendered landing page now occupies the main . Initially, the new landing page only pre-rendered content & small profile cards.

We expanded this to include server-rendered full "meta tag" profiles & job posts to allow search-engine indexing of freelancer profiles & jobs.

Patching the web-app & landing touchpoints
The split in architecture requires 'touchpoints' between the domains and, following the expansion, we needed to patch the new connections. Please let us know if you find anything not working seamlessly.

Facebook & Twitter authorisation
Login & sign-up using Facebook accounts has now been restored and Twitter has been added to the auth list. We will likely add support for Github, too.

Fix for missing email notifications
Recently, the automated email notification system for unread chat messages stopped functioning due to deprecated support for our Go 1.9 service that handled the notification system. (This does not impact normal job notification emails or the CanWork inbox).

In the coming days, we will implement a new nodeJS/Firebase-function solution to handle these emails and be more consistent with the CanWork backend architecture.

OpenGraph tags & social-media images for profiles
OpenGraph tags for freelancer profiles now work and allow for social-media link sharing & image unfurls. Our next aim is to compose a template and generate images based on user avatars & data which will improve profile shareability for freelancers and referrers.

Profile Quality Push
The CanWork provider count has decreased and it's a good thing! We continue to be more selective with profile standards by requiring a custom avatar, full bio completion and 'proof-of-work' via links, portfolio or uploads. The recent inbox issues have stifled freelancer outreach but expect a continued increase in quality control during the month.

$CAN Liquidity increases on BEPSwap
$CAN is listed on Thorchain’s BEPSwap and allows staking & swapping of $CAN. It is a potential liquidity solution that we are excited to support.

Note. BEPSWap is currently in a live-token "testnet", called chaosnet and therefore only has shallow liquidity not suitable for large swaps and some level of platform risk. Please see the THORChain community for more information before you stake, and swap in small amounts if you want to try it out (watch the slippage!).

We'll get some more information out soon.

Guides & Explainers
Guides & On-boarding
We've been creating essential new guides for CanWork including the design of supporting assets & graphics. Expect to see these start rolling out soon.

If you're a CanWork illustrator and want to be paid to create assets for CanWork guides, content, socials or just show off your skills, please get in touch with CanWork Community Manager, @johanlives at our community Telegram Channel.

Animated Explainer
We are also planning an animated explainer to be created by the CanWork community. The idea is to:
1. Draft a script
2. Have storyboards sketched by community illustrator(s)
3. Consult community
4. Hire community animator(s)

This is a great opportunity to continue working with our existing freelancers and refine the user-experience while generating value for CanWork.

Video Updates
We are still working towards a potential new 'video update' series but it needs a fair bit of pre-production & planning. The idea is to update on the wider Binance Chain/BSC community, interview Binance Chain community projects or subject matter experts and showcase CanWork talent. We are already developing ideas & tentative assets and will reach out the wider community for paid involvement soon.

The rest of October
Current expectations include:
  • Git Express. Rapid job creation for Software Development teams on Binance Chain. This feature integrates Gitlab and Github to create rapid job post based on software development issues.
  • Guides & content. The first of the guides will start to be published.
  • More jobs. We have plenty of needs and want to give these to our existing CanWork talent.
    If you are a CanWork freelancer with any of the following skills, please get in touch:
    • Angular dev
    • Illustrator/graphic designer
    • Animator, Motion Graphic or VFX artist
    • Web Research/Content Writer
  • AMA. CanWork Community Manager, Johan Lives, will be attending a AMA session with a small Telegram community to talk about CanWork.
    We hope to learn about first impressions & questions from a broader, unfamiliar audience and also give a little momentum to our grass-roots awareness strategies.

    If you want more information or want to see how you can get involved, join the community Telegram channel.


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