CanWork July Update

Binance Smart Chain Development

July Update

A short and sharp development-heavy update this month as the team prepare to announce some exciting developments for the project.


What’s happened since the last update?

Binance Smart Chain Escrow Contract
The key to the CanWork freelancing ecosystem is the Hedged Escrow. Moving the project across to Binance Smart Chain will allow a number of great functionalities for our clients and freelancers alike. The BSC Hedged Escrow will:

● Allow a ‘Client’ to pay for a job with BNB & selected (liquid) BSC assets into the Escrow Contract
● Liquidate the payment asset to BUSD (via PancakeSwap contract call)
● Hold funds secure until the job is complete
● Settle in BUSD
● Take a fee from the ‘Provider’ (Freelancer) upon payment

As mentioned in the last update we successfully tested the escrow smart contract for:
● BNB & BEP20 deposits
● BUSD liquidation via PancakeSwap contract calls
● Basic deposit & release functionality using the unique CanWork JobID

Since then we have developed:
● Admin arbitration function with release splits
● Advanced fee handling
● Migration / Upgrade ability in the event of 3rd-party changes, vulnerability or feature upgrade
● Helper functions to track / count jobs and return job details
● Security optimisation & refactoring

Our focus now is on testing.

CanWork Integration: Getting free of the old payment system

All the web3 work-up for CanWork has been done and we have already integrated some Binance Smart Chain elements, starting with MetaMask wallet connection and registration.

However, the current BEP2 payment system was built on top of legacy architecture designed in 2017 for a different idea of the ecosystem. This has complicated a simple integration and we've opted to build a new payment module to keep it separate, maintainable, testable, and easier to debug. It will also allow us to remove the old BEP2 payment system with ease, after a period of integration.

We have already started a new service module to house all the BSC-related needs and can recycle a lot of front-end user-interface (UI). Our focus now will be to:
  • Continue to integrate BSC escrow & payments into the CanWork web-app
  • Disentangle the old payment system
  • Identify & transition all ancillary needs such as links, messages, alerts, FAQ's & anything else that reference Binance Chain instead of BSC
Watch this space and get involved in the community if you have any thoughts on this matter!

Are you CanWork service provider?

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