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What is CanWork?
CanWork is a complete re-imagining of the freelance marketplace. It is a freelance platform built and supported by freelancers to support this rapidly growing industry into the future.

What makes it different?
No platform fees
CanWork takes no fees from its users. This means freelancers can earn around 20% more on the work they complete when compared to doing the same work on traditional freelancing platforms. This also benefits clients as our freelancers can afford to offer lower rates due to their much increased margins.

Cryptocurrency Payments
Cryptocurrency is a perfect compliment to the digital freelancing marketplace due to it being borderless, secure and instant. Un-banked freelancers from previously excluded areas of the world can also now access this rapidly growing marketplace. Payments are securely stored via a "hedged escrow" until the work is complete. Clients can also choose to pay in a range of popular cryptocurrencies.

Built by freelancers, for freelancers
CanWork itself is not beholden to a corporation and value-extracting shareholders. It is crowd-funded and built by freelancers through the platform itself. This creates a platform that is orientated around the perfect user experience rather than making profits out of its users

Now and into the future

CanWork has already hosted hundreds of freelance jobs through the platform. These jobs have re-enforced the true value that the CanWork platform will have for the freelancing community.
Whether it be supporting incredible graphics designers in South America, helping a Nigerian content creator buy his first ever laptop or simply providing a place where freelancers can work through the COVID 19 pandemic, CanWork is already starting to realise its vision.

In the future, we look forward to growing the user base further, adding easier payment options and providing an option for premium freelancer profiles within the platform.

If you want more information or want to see how you can get involved, join the community Telegram channel.


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