October 2020 Update

Welcome to the New CanWork Blog

What’s in this update?

In this blog, you can expect:
  • Recent events
  • Progress on the CanWork Growth & Development Strategy we set out in July.
  • October Outlook

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) & Decentralised Finance (DeFi)
The CanYa Vision blog in August reflected on the nascent Binance Smart Chain and its promise of smart-contract technology & DeFi . Specifically, we talked about the benefits of decentralised liquidity pools and proposed our own product, CanSwap.

DeFi Buffet and Spartan Protocol
Since we proposed CanSwap, DeFi exploded onto BSC with a smorgasbord of DeFi ‘foodswap’ platforms.

More significant for the CanYa community was the arrival of Spartan Protocol with their curious initial token distribution mechanism by burning existing cryptocurrencies & tokens. Spartan Protocol aims to provide incentivised liquidity on BSC.

CanYaCoin ($CAN) Token Burn
The CanYa community decided to ally with many other Binance Chain projects (and then the extended crypto ecosystem) to burn for Sparta. At the time of writing, 50 million $CAN were burnt for Sparta, which effectively reduces the circulating supply of $CAN by the same amount. We see no disadvantage to the token valuation as a result.

Liquidity Solutions for $CAN
The explosion of permissionless liquidity protocols on Binance Smart Chain is resounding. Naturally, we no longer see a value in the completion of our own, CanSwap. Emerging from the haze of the DeFi craze will be clear-winning protocols that promise liquidity solutions for CanWork users and rewards for token holders.

In fact, $CAN is already listed on Thorchain’s BEPSwap. BEPSwap allows staking & swapping of BNB & BEP2 tokens and is a potential solution for $CAN liquidity.

BEPSWap is currently in a live-token ‘testnet’, called chaosnet and therefore only has shallow liquidity not suitable for large swaps. Caution is advised for token holders of the risk of token loss. We only recommend testing BEPSwap to those with an advanced understanding of BEPSwap and know the risks of the current ‘chaosnet’ release. We will explain more and discuss the benefits for CanWork in a later update.

Sole Focus on CanWork
To take advantage of existing 3rd-party liquidity solutions gives us the opportunity to direct our energies into a single product. The high time-cost of development, support & competing in this heated DeFi ecosystem, is more valuable serving the growth & development of our flagship app, CanWork.

We are very excited to put all our efforts into a single focus of energy--CanWork!

What now?

In Q3, we released a Growth & Development Strategy for CanWork that focuses on 3 core needs categories. We are happy to report our progress and October outlook.

New CanWork Blog
We are proud to publish this update as the first article on our new blog & future home to on-domain CanWork content, including:
  • CanWork Resources & Guides
  • Freelance content
  • Cryptocurrency content
  • Binance Chain / BSC updates
  • Talent showcase
This content system was built with SEO in mind and we intend to continually improve the layout, including planned changes for the landing. It also marks the start of a visibility level-up with a planned stream of content guides & information.

Importantly, there are many opportunities for the CanWork freelance community to get involved & earn.

New landing architecture & page speed optimised
The CanWork page speed is faster and no longer loads the entire web-app. The new landing page on the main domain is now a server-rendered webpage conducive to SEO and indexing by most search engines. Users are redirected to the CanWork web-app on the sub-domain only when required such as logging in, posting or bidding on a job.

These changes and other compression optimisations help load CanWork quickly for SEO and better user experience.

October Outlook

Starting October we will keep a more frequent update schedule. Here’s what to expect for October:
  • Git Express. Rapid job creation for Software Development teams on Binance Chain. This feature integrates Gitlab and Github to create rapid job post based on software development issues.
  • Guides & content. There’s heaps to produce and we are looking to add value with creative articles and designs from the community.
  • Another freelancer quality drive. Our aim is quality over quantity as we move toward a truly ‘hand-picked’ selection of quality digital service providers
  • More jobs. We have plenty of need for development tasks, content needs and visual assets, and more. Expect to see us post more public job on CanWork
  • AMA We’ve been invited to AMA sessions with a couple of small Telegram communities and will join them to talk about CanWork and give away prizes
  • Growth & Development Proposals. We will seek more community feedback into initiatives and will continue to update our current plans

New video update format

This month, we plan a pilot video update series that will feature:
  • Binance Chain news
  • CanWork updates
  • Freelancer showcase
We think this could be a great way to showcase/attract talent and share update on the Binance Chain/BSC ecosystem. We will look to the CanWork and wider Binance Chain community to assist in the production & asset creation, research & expertise, interviews & discussions and, of course, creative CanWork talent to showcase.

We’re pumped for October, stick around!

If you want more information or want to see how you can get involved, join the community Telegram channel.





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